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Manage your Entire Recruitment Function in the Cloud
Client Relations

Get a full view of your interactions with current or potential customers, and never ever make a cold call if you don’t have to. Comprehensive activity history is always at hand, even when your Contacts change organisations or roles over time.

Assignment management

Track and understand the dynamics of the jobs your teams work on, from the moment they become a qualifiable opportunity through to placement. Ask us about amplifying revenue opportunities through our “backfill” function.


Our platform drives your teams to ‘Search First, Advertise Next’. Enjoy the simplicity of managing ads from your core system and optimise distribution to job boards & social channels. Of course, cost control is standard.

Candidate Sourcing

Unrivalled search technology and continuously regenerated candidate data will help you make your internal database the largest source of placeable candidates for your business and get to the ideal candidates first!

Commercial Management

Recruit Wizard’s Placements module will provide you with the granularity and flexibility needed to accurately reward your consultants, maintain data auditability and deliver financial data to your payroll and other applications.


Stop dedicating extra resources to rework data into actionable information. As we deploy Recruit Wizard in your organisation, we will ensure you have the right detailed reports to manage your recruitment operations in real time.


Smart agencies gave up on skills coding decades ago. Tagging in Recruit Wizard enables you to multi-categorise clients, contacts and candidates to support your direct marketing campaigns, talent pooling and candidate search.


Candidate reports, contracts and other business documents are stored and managed through the Recruit Wizard documents engine. This guarantees information portability and auditability at any point in time.


All businesses have their ‘special sauce’ that differentiates them. Recruit Wizard’s modules, activities and workflows are designed to adjust to your needs via custom fields and algorithms, so you can deliver what makes you unique.


Whether you are teleworking, at the office or on the road, be ready to use Recruit Wizard’s complete function from computers and tablets. And on smart phones, you will simply love the CRM-connected Job Application Manager.


Minimise the risk of missing critical information for your business because it was left in your recruiters’ inbox. Recruit Wizard’s always-on connection directly links emails and attachments with the right candidate and contacts.

Enterprise Grade

Recruit Wizard’s architecture enables multi brand, multi country recruitment operations. It segments clients, candidates and transactions data when needed, and consolidates it on demand for an ‘enterprise ‘view of business

Task Management

Tasks are the LEGO pieces to your recruitment project. Recruit Wizard helps you keep them in logical order, following your tailored workflow and ensuring they are completed on time and with minimal effort across the platform.

Automatic Data Capture

Eliminate the manual entry of data from your to-do list and focus on activities that generate revenue and profit. Recruit Wizard automatically creates records, and matches data from external sources to existing system entities.


Avoid performance anxiety and understand exactly how you and your business are tracking against the correct yardsticks. Recruit Wizard’s real time KPI’s module will ensure you have a finger on the pulse of your organisation.

Dashboard & Analytics

Gain full visibility of what your work day, week or month will look like through insightful data visualisations and activity streams. Recruit Wizard helps you prioritise and concentrate on what is truly important for you and your business.

Our Ethos

We are keen to share with you what we do and why we do it
"We are a services company that sees technology as an enabler, not a smoke screen"

Technology enables amazing efficiency gains and growth. We have noticed, however, that there are too many organisations using it to hide from customers.

Endless phone call routing; no-reply emails; etc. We truly dislike that.

We believe technology must help organisations gain greater intimacy and understanding of the individuals and businesses they choose to serve.

Given our belief, we have built recruitment software to get our customers closer to their candidates and clients. That is why we do what we do.

We also want to practice what we preach. Our support teams will ensure you have the personal attention you expect from a company that uses technology as an enabler, not a smoke screen.

If you want to email us, great. If you want to speak to us, even better; a real person will answer or return your call. We are a services business, and service is what we aim to provide to you first and foremost.


Choose the right product for your business and pay only for what you use
  • Structured Profiles
  • Powerful Search
  • Candidate Alerts
  • Talent Pooling
  • Candidate Messaging
  • Collaborative Sourcing
  • Integration
  • CV Formatting
  • ---
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  • Everything in Sourcing
  • Job Management
  • Candidate Rating
  • Workflow Management
  • Mobile Tracking
  • Collaborative Sourcing
  • Integration
  • CV Formatting
  • Advertising
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  • Everything in Sourcing + ATS
  • Fully Featured CRM
  • Advertising
  • System Generated Leads
  • Email Integration
  • Collaborative Sourcing
  • Integration
  • CV Formatting
  • Data Cleansing
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